Sydney two piece World Champion are Julian Sudek and Will Campion. Julian was a founding member of Mercy Arms and has since played with C anyons, FLRL (Jono Ma, Kirin J Cillinan) and and most recently G eorge Maple. Will, a bedroom producer, has also played in Sydney bands Cut Silk and The Chevaliers.

Their debut single, Avocado Galaxy was co-produced with J ono Ma. The video for Avocado Galaxy drops later this week ahead of their show at Volumes Festival, directed by Elliot Shields of Sydney design collective P elvis. Avocado Galaxy has been remixed by T ornado Wallace and D an Lissvik. The Avocado Galaxy EP was recorded in Tamarama and will be released on vinyl in early November through Future Classic, with tracks mixed by Tony Espy and Andrew Elston.


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